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Rock Formations
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Hello there!


My name is Lera, and I am a photographer based in Australia. I have been honing my photography skills for many years, starting from my school days all the way through university. Over time, I have dabbled in various genres and techniques, which has helped me develop my own unique style.

My work primarily consists of two sides. The first is family and wedding photography, which I am particularly passionate about. I believe that capturing moments with loved ones is invaluable, as they may never occur again. As a photographer, I strive to help families preserve these precious memories for a lifetime.

The second side of my work focuses on portrait photography, including single portraits, personal branding photography, videography for businesses, and fashion collaborations. This allows me to work with individuals and companies to showcase their unique personalities and brands through striking visuals.

10553 CPH ATEP - PORTRAIT_highly commend



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