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The video about the exhibition "My Australia"

I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome when I was a child. Being a kid was hard for me. People in my town were not familiar with the disorder. They were rude to me and it made life quite a challenge. I became isolated, preferring to spend my time alone. I couldn’t express my real feelings and I kept a lot inside for a long time. I felt very lonely. I moved to Australia 4 years ago. I wasn’t able to speak English. Since then, I have made a home here and live on my own, contributing to the community. I have met so many people from different cultures which opened me to trusting people again. It allowed me to grow as a person. I was drawn to a project to discover other people’s stories as a result of my life experience. It is a photography project I started 10 months ago. I am dedicating it to the people of Australia. It tells different stories from various people are ingrained in the society of this country. I found people from different countries, immigrants who are living in Australia. Each person has a different experience to tell. A story to capture. I believe that my project can help others to empathize and gain a deeper understanding of the hardships of immigrants in Australia. I have 16 people from different countries and 16 stories.

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